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Zhongshan Jonjee Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


    Business : precision forging parts (automobile and motor eyelet) , other machined products
    Tel: 0760-8802673
    Fax: 0760-8811130


      Zhongshan Jonjee Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is the subordinate company of Jonjee Hi-tech Group, specially on manufacturing in precision forging parts of automobile and motor eyelet, Ultraslow temperature pipe valve and other machined products. The management team consists of numbers of professional technician and management talents, by equipping with test instrument for analysis of chemical ingredient of material, metal graphic analysis and high precision meter. The Company has strong ability of precision forging, NC machining, die manufacturing and heat treatment.

      Under the quality policy of "Providing the good products and satisfactory service to the customers creating the sustainable business opportunity for ourselves", the company keep improving the organization management, quality assurance of products and customer services.

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